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Hello, my name is Ryan Perry! I live in Boise, Idaho and have been a Web Designer and Developer since 1998. I have designed and developed web sites for 15+ years, specializing in Drupal development for the last 7 years. In that time I have had several full time jobs working for various software companies in roles such as tech support, networking and other computer related positions. I currently work at BodyBuilding.com as a Client Side Software Engineer where I create, maintain, update and fix issues related to the BodyBuilding.com website. I have always enjoyed developing websites and creating custom web applications and modules. I am a professional as I think what I create is both purposeful and masterful. I have a good eye and try to design my creations to be very pleasing and easy for an inexperienced user to understand. Throughout the years I have followed the same tried and true methods and bent with the will of the Internet enough to give my clients and websites years of knowledge and insight that can't be taught in school. There is a great deal more that goes into making a good website than just code. When word of mouth offers me more than I can handle work-wise, I know I am doing something right!

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The chart below shows my knowledge in some specific skills. I also have experience with Linux, Unix, Git, Aegir, Bootstrap, SVN, Pantheon, Wordpress, Custom development, Many different database systems, Parallax and responsive designs, SEO, SEM, Networking, Photoshop and many others.
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Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Web Design Site - Currently still in development. I have been working with a large gaming company that writes reviews, guides and other contents about the latest and greatest PC games. This site has user accounts with about 20 editors and moderators that are able to submit and create their own articles. Mobile Responsive. In the backend there is a forum for the members to talk privately and each editor has their own page that displays information about them and their created posts. Click the image to view the site
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Web Design Site - Currently still in development. This website is for a Real Estate team with about 6 agents. It is a long full width site that has 2 different parallax items on the front page. I have also integrated the JQuery Isotope functionality so that when searching through their teams listings all of them arrange and slide around on the screen as you filter. Very awesome! This site also integrates into the local MLS system using RETS all data is current and in sync with the MLS database. Each agent has their own page. I have also integrated a leads management system into the website that tracks what people are looking at what properties. Click the image to view the site
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Web Design Site - This site was built by me and it is not done yet. However it uses a JQuery plugin called isotope that allows for the videos to be sorted and arranged on the fly and it has a really cool effect in the process. Also, it allows for uploading images to a custom gallery using AJAX and incorporates PHPBB into Drupal along with authentication. This allows a single Drupal account to authenticate through PHPBB and Drupal and messages between the systems. The Forums are completely integrated into the Drupal website. Click the image to view the site
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Idaho Development Site - This is a simple site that I built for a local company using Drupal. They provided the layout and design and I built the site for them. They already had a look that they wanted. Its mostly built with simple content types that allows the client that does not know anything about HTML to add and remove data so that it always displays nice and in the format they want it to.
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Boise Development Site - This is another simple Drupal site. Again the client had their own design that they wanted to use. However it was just a design inside of an Excel file. I took his design and layout and turned it into a functional website for him. It is also setup with content types and views and makes it super easy for the client to update and modify any aspect of his website without having to know a drop of HTML.
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Idaho Web Development Site - I built this website along with the design for a local attorney in town. This is a simple website with a slideshow. It is quite an old site and is using Drupal 6. Again it is setup so that the client is able to update and modify content on his website and easily update the content of it thenselves.
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Idaho Web Design Site - This was kind of an experiment site. I built it for a model friend that I know. It uses JQuery and has a bunch of different animations on the front page. The letters on the upper left have little blinking bling stars on it. Along with a background slideshow that rotates pictures of her in the background and butterflies that appear and disappear at random locations around the flowers area.
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Boise Web Development Site - Parallax is becoming the new latest and greatest thing. This was my first initial test on teaching myself how to create a Parallax website. I have not had the time to finish it yet. The car will eventually move up the hill and around on the road as it goes through. But it is basically a lengthwise site. But using JavaScript it looks like itís going horizontal. The clouds and sun, moon and car and tons of different elements on this page are all moving at different speeds. Itís kind of like a mini movie built into a webpage. Click the image to view the site
Credit: Ryan Perry - Drupal Boise Web Design Site - This was a very low budget simple Drupal site that I built for a local company in town. I came up with the design and implemented it into Drupal and set up all the content types and views so that the site can be administrated and updated without having to have any knowledge of HTML and leaves no room for error for the client to accidently mess something up.
Credit: Ryan Perry - Idaho Drupal Site - This is a website for a local smoke shop in town. Itís a basic Drupal website with a shopping cart that allows for the client to add products and purchase items online and add and modify items inside the front page slide show and other pieces of content through the site.


"They didn't know it was impossible, so they did it!"
Mark Twain